Replace Jawbone Mini Jambox battery with DC power input

Aug 11, 2023

USB-A port (Male)

While putting the white plastic cube on the bottom. Pins from left to right are:

  • Pin 4: GND (Black)
  • Pin 3: D+ (Green)
  • Pin 2: D- (White)
  • Pin 1: VCC (Red)

Mini Jambox Motherboard Battery Port

Place the speaker face down on the table with the battery port facing towards you.

  • Left 4 Pins (J6) = GND
  • Middle Pin (ID)
  • Right 4 Pins (J6) = VCC

LM2596S DC-DC Step-Down Voltage Power Supply Module Board

See usage on this post.

Adjust the potentiometer along with the output voltage to 3.8 volts.

Final Step

Use a soldering iron to solder the above modules together. After that, press the power button for 1 second to power on.